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My Name is Barbara

My Love for Pets has been for many years, my first was at the age of 5 years old, he was a German Sheppard. I was the only child and he was my best buddy, we play and ran and had lots of FUN…when you see me, you would see hem too.  I cried so much when I could not bring  hem with me when I had to go to California.   I never had an other until I had children of my own…which was when I was 22 years old and my son was 2 years old…We felt as thou that was a good age for him to bond with a PET! and he would not be afraid of Dogs as he got older plus it made me feel safe.  

I lost my first husband (he was in the service) and remarried 5 years later to Curtis who had 4 children and I had 4 So now their 3 Girls and 5 Boys…They are all grown now, which there own families, I have grandchildren, great grands, and one great great Son who is 4 years old…when our children and grand were growing up we always had Pet’s Dogs, Cats, Fish Birds and what ever they bough home…The best Dog we ever had was KING he was German Sheppard mix with Husky 110 pounds was train to take care of children very gently, loved playing with children, let the smaller one right his back, swim with them..if we went camping, to parks, or cross country he would all make sure they stay together…he protected all of us WE LOVE HIM and He LOVE US…He was a great Friend.

I retired the Medical field after working for the same Hospital for 33 years as a Holder Scanner (Heart Testing) and a number of other things part time Real Estate, Notary, Insurance, In home service, and more.

Since I have retired I have had two Dogs, Pitt Bull, and Lavender, which both were very great Pet’s

For my self I Can say Pet’s are GOOD for the Sole they can make you laugh, keep you from being lonely, Help you feel better, Give you Hope, and so much to Live For…If you Respect them they will do the same to you..Love them and they will Love you back…